100% Linen Shawl - Gray - Patterned

Lusie's Linen

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Pure Linen Shawl Wrap made of European Flax. What is linen? Linen is a kind of cloth that is made from a plant called flax.

Linen is: ♦Strong ♦Comfortable ♦Hand-washable and dry-cleanable ♦Absorbent ♦Dyes and prints well ♦Resists dirt and stains ♦Durable ♦Withstands high heat ♦Lint-free

Fabric material: 100% flax linen
Length: 53.15" (135 cm)
Width: 53.15" (135 cm)
Length of tassels: +1.57" (4 cm)
Color*: Woven from black and white yarns, sides decorate with either white or black tassels.


 Natural flax fabric;
 Pre-washed (so it is soft and will not shrink after the first wash);
▼ Thin, light and compact;
▼ Breathable gauze type material (100 g/sq.m).
▼ Woven from quality European flax.
▼ Both light and dark sides can be worn;


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