Linen Kitchen Towel - Red / Gray - Checked

Lusie's Linen

  • $32.95

Linen is classic in the kitchen! Perk up a kitchen rack, line a bread basket or nestle the arm of your favorite beverage pitcher. Flax strength and absorbency make it the ideal material for kitchen / tea towels since they are highly absorbent, lint-free and naturally stronger what makes them both a practical and timeless choice for many kitchen duties. Vibrant tea towel / dish cloth is kitchen's necessity! 
◄ Linen towels made of quality flax fabric for your long-lasting use.
◄ Flax can ABSORB up to 20% of its weight in water.
◄ Material is strong and DURABLE so towel will last long in your kitchen.
◄ Comfortable to use and EASY to care for!
◄ Towel will become SOFTER  and softer with every wash.
▼ 52% linen, 48% cotton.
▼ 22" x 28" (55 cm x 70 cm) in size.
▼  Hemmed on 4 sides.
▼ Machine washable.
▼ With red and gray checks. 

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